A biography of horace walpole born in london during 1717

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Robert Walpole

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Although the Story disliked Townshend, he retained him as well. Born inHorace was the youngest child of Sir Robert Walpole, the politician of genius who became Britain’s first prime minister, the builder of one of the grandest country houses in England, and the most important art collector of his age.

Horatio Walpole, 4th Earl of Orford (24 September – 2 March ), also known as Horace Walpole, was an English art historian, man of letters, antiquarian and Whig politician. [1] He had Strawberry Hill House built in Twickenham, south-west London, reviving the Gothic style some decades before his Victorian ncmlittleton.comcal party: Whig.

Horace Walpole was born in London, the youngest son of British Prime Minister Robert Walpole. After finishing his education at Eton College and King's College, Cambridge, he toured the European continent with his friend Thomas Gray from towhen the two quarreled and parted.

Horace Walpole is primarily known for his novel The Castle of Otranto, widely considered the first and the most influential Gothic novel. Walpole was born in London on September 24th, He attended Eton and Cambridge (but left without taking a degree at the latter) and fell in love with the writings of Shakespeare.

Horace Walpole (–), English historian, Member of Parliament, connoisseur, playwright and novelist, said to have coined the term serendipity wrote the Gothic novel Castle of Otranto (). Fourth Earl of Orford, Horace Walpole was born 24 September in Arlington Street, Piccadilly, Westminster, London, England, the third son of Whig politician and First Earl of Orford Sir Robert.

Walpole, Horatio (1717-1797) (DNB00)

A brilliant essayist, historian, and letter-writer and a notable novelist, dramatist, and amateur antiquary, Horace (christened Horatio) Walpole (WAWL-pohl) was born in London on September 24,

A biography of horace walpole born in london during 1717
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