Matty doolin

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May 01,  · Matty is fifteen and, in his Tyneside home in the s, this means it is time for him to leave school and follow his father into the docks and get a job in ship building.

All Matty really wants, however, is to work with animals, tend them, help them and care for them/5(22). Matty Doolin - Kindle edition by Catherine Cookson. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

Catherine Cookson

Use features like bookmarks, note /5(17). Matty has got a dog, Nelson. On a day Nelson barked at everything. Matty’s mother hates that and sent him out.

Matty Doolin

But Nelson is run over. He dies. Matty is very very sad. His parents want to do something back. Matty can go on camping holiday with his friends. He’s very happy then but he’ll never forget Nelson.

The children are going to a farm. Matty Doolin is 15 years old - and all he really wants out of life is to work with animals. A camping holiday, high on the fells, leads Matty through unexpected danger to a new and satisfying future.

Matty Doolin

Other work by the author includes "Mrs Flanagan's Trumpet".

Matty doolin
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