Millers presentation of giles corey

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The Crucible - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Crucible Final Test

Why is the significance of this?. Revision Pointers for THE CRUCIBLE by Miller One way to prepare for the exam is to ask yourself the question, âWhich character is most to blame for the deaths in the play?â The Characters The Putnams, Thomas and Ann The Reverends, Hale and Parris The Proctors, John and Elizabeth Abigail Mary Tituba Giles Corey Judge(s) Danforth (and Hathorne).

The Crucible by: Arthur Miller Characterization Reverend Parris – “I have many enemies.” “There is a faction that is sworn to drive me from my pulpit.” () “I am undone They (his congregation) will topple me with this!” () What can we determine Reverend Parris’s MAIN concern is.

The Crucible Brochure Criteria Note: Due the day of your unit test. Assignment is worth 50 pts per page for a total of pts.

EACH PAGE MUST BE TYPED (except cover), EACH PAGE MUST BE COMPLETE AND CORRECT. Getting to The Rep is easy and very accessible - just off of Highway There are currently four lots available for patron parking at The Rep.

Click here to learn more about directions to The Rep. ** When you are finished, save your PowerPoint presentation to the public u drive under the folder named “m. Johnson English iii.” Scoring Guide: _____/ 80 Contains 8 creative slides with illustrations, information, and graphics on.

each slide.

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Illustrations and graphics will be worth 2 points each, and the. information is worth 8 points. Throughout The Crucible we respond to Miller’s representation of Giles Corey by seeing him as a loyal, commendable character. Corey also provides us with a sense of amusement which given the situation is a trait we do not see from many of the characters.

Arthur Miller’s The Crucible - PowerPoint PPT Presentation Millers presentation of giles corey
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