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TED Talk Tuesday: How to make work-life balance by Nigel marsh

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Focus On Progress. they don’t need to impress people they don’t like, ” says Nigel Marsh in 'H ow to make work-life balance Forbes.

Nigel Marsh: Work Life Balance is an Ongoing Battle (Full Transcript) TSP Staff September 13, am Life & Style Full transcript of author Nigel Marsh’s TEDx Talk: Work Life Balance is an Ongoing Battle at TEDxSydney conference.

Nigel Marsh is a stressed, overweight mortgage slave struggling to balance a high-pressured career, a marriage and the demands of four small children under eight.

Then the unthinkable happened – he loses his job. After the initial shock (and some unpleasant surgery) Nigel decides to embrace life outside the office and spend a year taking stock.

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Achieving a healthy work-life balance may seem like an elusive dream, but marketer Nigel Marsh discusses why chasing the dream is important. Marsh took a year out from work to develop his theories, and his pursuit of the perfect equilibrium delivered him to four critical observations.7/ Author Nigel Marsh reminds us that we need to proactively take our work-life balance into our own hands and stop waiting for our employers to do it for us.

Small changes can dramatically improve the quality of your life and the relationships in it.

Nigel marsh how to make work life
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