Programmed decision making and the role of information systems

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The Role of Management Information Systems in Decision-Making

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This Blended e-Learning course is designed from the perspective of logisticians preparing to assume their first unit command or leadership position, highlighting both some key fiscal law concepts and several important procedural/practical issues unit commanders/leaders typically face.

Management Information Systems (MIS) and Decision Support Systems (DSS). Expert System (ES) applies the programmed and non programmed decisions.


Programmed decisions are routine and repetitive decisions, The role of MIS in decision making process. An automated guided vehicle or automatic guided vehicle (AGV) is a portable robot that follows markers or wires in the floor, or uses vision, magnets, or lasers for navigation.

They are most often used in industrial applications to move materials around a manufacturing facility or warehouse. Application of the automatic guided vehicle broadened during the late 20th century. Decision-making information systems provide expert advice to the decisionmaker eithe- r in the form of a single recommended course of action or as criteria for choice, given the.

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DECISION MAKING:Theories on Decision Making, Steps in Rational Decision Making Introduction to Public Administration Political Science Public Administration.

Programmed decision making and the role of information systems
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