What makes poor countries poor

What makes clean water so important?

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Why are some countries poor?

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Breaking the Link Between Extreme Weather and Extreme Poverty

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So in talking about poor countries, we are talking about Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs – This is a better term than ‘the developing world’, as some poor countries may not actually be developing, but standing still or even shrinking.).

Poor countries are catching up with the wealthier countries, but not all countries are making fast progress. For example, some countries in Sub-Sahara Africa have little or no progress, largely due to the HIV epidemic and civil wars.

Corruption. It is an overloaded word often used as the sole cause of the problems in poor countries. Yet, corruption seems to be everywhere, indeed often encouraged by rich countries and their corporations, especially when it comes to natural resources, and arms trade.

Poor relief

Power, prosperity, and poverty vary greatly around the world. Norway, the world’s richest country, is times richer than Burundi, the world’s poorest country. Why? That’s a central question of economics. Different economists have different views about the relative importance of the conditions and factors that make countries richer or poorer.

In English and British history, poor relief refers to government and ecclesiastical action to relieve ncmlittleton.com the centuries various authorities have needed to decide whose poverty deserves relief and also who should bear the cost of helping the poor.

What makes poor countries poor
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